Manners cost nothing 

Are manners something that are taught or do you just inherit the trait? 

As I get older I start to respect people that have good manners only because it is very rare in today’s world. Simple things like saying thank you to the waiter that provides great service or making sure you don’t arrive to a party empty handed are all things I expect people to do because to me it’s common sense. 

You would be surprised at how many times I would go to a party to only see one other person bring something or if I’m sitting in a restaurant not one person says thank you as they are served there food. 

This got me thinking that maybe manners is something that need to be taught instead of just something that should be common sense and instilled in us. 

The one thing that sticks out in my memory as a kid was when I would have birthday parties. My mom would give me the same speech every year. “If someone gives you a gift that you either don’t like or already have you you always say thank you. Don’t say I already have that or I don’t like it that’s rude. Thank you is what you say.” I always said thank you no matter what and to this day I do this. 

That was a manners lesson while I was young but I think as I got older I learned how on my own what was right and what was wrong. 

Having bad manners is a pet peeve of mine but should I really be mad at someone for not being raised the right way? 

Do you think someone is taught good manners or it’s common sense? Let me know in the comments. 


12 thoughts on “Manners cost nothing 

  1. You know…I think it used to be taught…you learned by watching your parents and your parents then re-enforced to you their expectations of good manners. But now…I think the generations become more lax…and each generation passes on less and less in the good manners department!!

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  2. I think our surroundings and circumstances have to do with manners. Because most of us are brought up well by our families. They teach us etiquette and manners, but the moment we step out in outside world, our company start effecting our behavior. It is necessary to teach manners, but most important is to teach us to be around people who have manners! It’s the only way to maintain em’….

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  3. Manners.. what are manners?? When I address someone respectfully, it’s because I respect them. When I say thank you, it’s because I am really thankful. If I forget, I will go back and show my respect. I see manners as something that’s taught and rehearsed. Do you show respect to someone you have no respect for? If I feel it on the inside, I’ll show respect. Manners to me is in line with people being taught things they don’t believe. That’s probably why its disappearing or because people don’t know that if you respect others you respect yourself. Maybe manners is self love. I don’t know, these are just words..

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    1. You’re right and that’s a great way to put it! It’s not as much as having manners as it is respecting other people and really meaning it when you thank someone or do something nice for them. Thanks for the comment.

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  4. In the book Success Through A Positive Mental Attitude, they say: “Character is caught and taught “. I think both is true, because there are certain manners I wasn’t taught, but I caught them through interactions from other people. I didn’t know I had to do or say that certain things, I know they saw it as being rude, but I didn’t because I didn’t know at all, but I felt embarrassed. It then works as a disadvantage as people will take you differently. Manners are common sense to a certain extent. Greeting and saying thank you, is common sense, but bringing a gift to a party isn’t much of common sense to me and it wasn’t taught to me either, but it will depend on the community you come from too.

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