Love yourself 

After a month of not being able to have our venting sessions with each other I was finally able to sit down with a glass a wine and call my best friend to catch up. We’ve been playing phone tag and I was so happy I got her at the right time. 

Since we live in different states it’s hard to talk as much as we used to but when we do finally have time it’s usually a 2-3 hour convo and this recent one was no different.

She’s been feeling down and unmotivated lately and she explained a situation to be that got me so pissed off. 

She hasn’t been taking care of herself recently and has gained weight. She is trying her best to get on a workout routine and she’s really focused to get back in shape. The thing that is weighing her down is the people around her. Instead of giving her positive motivation they are all being negative and it’s getting to her.

Her co workers are comfortable enough to say things like “you would be so pretty if you lost some weight.” One of them even went as far as giving her diet pills that she didn’t ask for.

Who the fuck are any of these people to make comments like that and do these crazy things? I’m going to visit her in December they better pray they don’t see me while I’m down there because I will give them a piece of my mind. 

These people better look like GQ models if they are making these kind of comments to her. 

Women are so pressured to look a certain way and if they don’t they are labeled as not pretty or told they need to lose weight. I’ve been there I know how that feels and it sucks. 

The best thing you can do in those situations is love yourself. I don’t care if I have the body like a Victoria Secret model or a body like Melissa McCarthy. I’m going to love my body the way it is. All women are beautiful in there own way. Ignore the noise and just accept yourself for who you are and no one can get in your head.

Do you feel pressure to look a certain way to be defined as beautiful? Let me in the comments. 


3 thoughts on “Love yourself 

  1. I can’t believe it when people have the gall to say things like that. I used to get it sometimes, too (which is rare as a guy). I didn’t lose weight for anyone other than myself. I have discussed this issue on my blog a few times (and have an upcoming article about it as well), and it’s NEVER okay to shame someone based on their body or their decisions. I want to help people lose weight and get healthy, but never at the expense of their self esteem or their dignity. I would give those co-workers of her a piece of my mind, too. Just please tell your friend that weight loss begins with changing food intake, not exercise. 🙂

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    1. She better be doing it for herself and not these idiots she’s surrounded with. I’ll let her know about changing her food thanks!


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