And I’m ok with that

Some people like me, some don’t like me and I’m ok with that. You simply can’t make everyone like you and why would you want everyone to like you? Everyone is different and people have different tastes. It’s not my fault that they don’t like my personality. 

I used to try to change my personality to get people to like me. The problem with that is you’re not attracting the right people in your life if you’re not being yourself. As much as you try to conform into someone else eventually your true colors show.

Now I make sure I’m my authentic self when I first meet people and I don’t let it get to me if they don’t like me. 

The only thing I can control is my happiness and if my personality makes me happy and not someone else oh well.

I have my friends and family that love me for me and I chose to focus on them. 

Do you make sure you’re being your authentic self when meeting someone? Let me know in the the comments. 


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