Cry it out. 

For the most part I’m good under stress. I know how to keep myself together and I learned how to stay focused and keep my shit together. 

I don’t unravel easily but every now and then I tend to get into my own head and I need to just let it out. 

This is when I know I need to just sit in my car and cry it out. I usually drive to an empty parking lot and just let it out. 

I had one of these sessions a couple weeks ago when I was mentally drained from dealing with the stress of buying a house, staying at a robot job that I hate because if I don’t I can’t buy a house and the stress from living with family just got to me. 

I was tired, moody, and had a bad day at work so I just drove, parked, and cried. I screamed,  I punched the steering wheel and I cried until I didn’t have to cry anymore. Once I stopped I felt so much better. 

I whipped my tears, gave myself a pep talk and drove home ready to get focused again and keep my eye on the prize. It will get better one day and I have to just be patient and relax. 

When I have those days where I just can’t relax, crying it out will be the way I let it out. 

Do you have days where you just need to cry it out? Let me know in the comments. 


2 thoughts on “Cry it out. 

  1. I do have instances when I cry it out. It really helps me clear my head, especially when there’s been to much pressure in my studies. I grieve about it, even the results I forsee, so that when I receive my results, I’ve dealt with the situation and already at peace.

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