Kill them with kindness 

Whenever I go somewhere and the person working at the store or restaurant is rude and unengaged I react by being nice. Sometimes I over exaggerate  my kindness and make sure I’m very perky in my voice and attitude. 

The post office is the perfect example of this kind of situation. I’ve been going to the same post office for years and I go a lot because my fiancé mails a lot of documents for his work and I pass the post office every morning on my way to my day job. 

Recently there was a younger new guy that had the worst attitude. He looked miserable and didn’t make any effort to provide customer service. That didn’t bother me though because I would say good morning to him every time I went in there and asked him how his day was going? I said thank you and told him to have a great day when I left. 

The first couple of times he would just look at me and respond in a soft voice. Last week when I went in there he finally said good morning to me back answered my questions with a loud confident voice and even told me to have a great day. Progress! 

It just goes to show you that if you kill people with kindness eventually your positivity will wear off on people. I do this to everyone in my life and it does work. 

Do you kill people with kindness? Let me know  in the comments. 


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