Mistakes happen 

“It’s not that we make mistakes, it’s how we fix them that matter”

This is a statement I’ve always lived by especially in my career. I’ve always had the mentality of making mistakes is ok but how we fix those mistakes is what is going to matter the most.

I spent most of my young career after college in the hotel industry. Every day was different and I don’t think any day was perfect but I loved the fact that I could make an impression on people. 

Lots of mistakes were made such as checking someone into a room that wasn’t clean or having someone check in at 8:00 pm with no rooms available yet because houskeeping was so far behind. 

Mistakes happen we are human beings and it’s something we can’t control. I was always good at fixing the problem in the best way possible and that was what made guests come back. Of course in the beginning they are going to be angry which is rightfully so. If you’re able to do the right thing and they leave happy that’s what counts. 

Don’t be the type of person who panicks when a mistake is made and is so stressed out that you don’t fix the problem.  Own up to it and fix it. Trust me, it’s a less stressful life that way.

Are you someone that is good at recovering from a mistake? Let me know in the comments. 


7 thoughts on “Mistakes happen 

  1. The first time something goes wrong is not a mistake at all….. And the one who learn from it and moves forward not to repeat it again, is the one who in reality never made a mistake…. Repeating the wrong thing is mistake in my eyes…… So you I see didn’t do any mistake because we only learn more when things go wrong way.

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