Old ways won’t open new opportunities 

When I was hired for this day job I was told in the interview that they were looking for someone to bring new ideas on how to retain customers as well as bring in new ones. 

The head honchos are in there late 40s and they wanted to bring in someone young who would bring them some creative ideas. 

This is the part of the job I knew I would love because I’m a creative person and I’m always thinking of ideas for everything.

When my manager tasked me with making a list of creative ways to give the customers “love” and show that we appreciate there business I was excited. First of all, I love to make lists it keeps my mind organized, and I’m now able to not feel like a robot and actually use my brain. 

So I got to work for the rest of the week and came up with some new creative ways to show customers “love.” My manager loved most of the ideas, some were a little far fetched and I realized that after I spoke them out loud but she was happy. 

She took it to the head honchos and they pretty much didn’t like any of the ideas. That’s when I realized that the saying you can’t teach a old dog new tricks was exactly what was going on here. 

These people are stuck in the older generation and they haven’t adapted to the new 2016 technology world. Things are different now people like different things. 

If you don’t adapt with the times you will not retain your customers they’ll  go somewhere else. 

I decided I had to really sell the ideas to these people and show them that it can work. So I convinced them to let me show them that these new ways will work for 2 months. If it doesn’t work out, we can change it. It’s trail and error and we will perfect it but it takes time. They agreed (who knew I was such a sales woman) and now I’m putting in the work to prove them wrong. 

At least for the next couple of weeks I will be able to put my creative hat on and feel like an actual human instead of entering data into a computer like a robot. 

Do you think it’s important to change your ways with the times? Let me know in the comments. 


7 thoughts on “Old ways won’t open new opportunities 

  1. It’s change with the times or die like a dinosaur. I’m 49, and I never pretend to have all the answers when it comes to understanding young people. Just because I liked something or responded to something when I was young is no guarantee that today’s younger generations will do the same. If I were in a position to need to market to young people, I would ask young people to find a way that works, and take their advice. It’s only logical. I am sad for anyone my age (late 40’s) who thinks they know what 20-somethings like and respond to better than a 20-something. lol

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    1. Sometimes you just have to show people rather than tell them. Once they see results they start to trust you more. We shall see what happens.


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