Where’s your loyalty? 

I know a lot of people that are older than me that have worked for companies 20-30 years and get nothing but pushed out closer to there retirement date. 

Companies used to treat long term employees like they were royalty. If you were at a company for over 20 years you never had to worry about losing your job before you’re retirement. The longer you stayed the better.The company knew that you were loyal to them and in return they were loyal to you.

In 2016 the working world is the complete opposite. The longer you stay at the company the more of a target you have on your back. They would rather push you out before you retire with top pay and bring in a younger person for half the price. 

The companies loyalty is to the company which brings me to where you’re loyalty should be.

My loyalty is to myself and my family. I have to do what’s best for me and my significant other. If that means leaving a job for a better opportunity after only working there for a year or two then that’s what I’m going to do. 
You’re loyalty should be to you and you’re family. Point. Blank.Period. 

It’s a different time now and you need to work on your personal growth and development within your career. Don’t stay stuck at a job you hate for 20 plus years because you’re comfortable. If that company isn’t offering you a promotion or a pay raise, look for a better opportunity. There are companies out there that will pay you what you’re worth. 

Where’s your loyalty? Let me know in the comments 


2 thoughts on “Where’s your loyalty? 

  1. Loyalty to one’s self is ultimately important. However, at the different phases of your career, you need to employ different strategies. It’s recommended and expected to find the best opportunities in your 20’s depending upon which career you are in. However, by your 30’s, you need to decide if you’re going to focus on management or becoming an expert in your field. Either way, going from job to job is frowned upon, and a certain level of longevity becomes valued by employers. Again, it depends on the industry, but at least for the people I know, this has held to be true.

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    1. I’ve noticed older managers and higher ups from bigger companies do value loyalty and want to see you at a job for a while however I’ve also noticed the younger managers and small business owners don’t really have that mindset anymore. I agree that you’re 20s should be a time to explore and find your niche and once you hit your 30s it’s time to focus on one thing and stick to it. Thanks for the comment!


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