Ideas vs. Reality 

I tend to get caught up in the idea of something, only to realize the reality is completely different. 

Whenever I start a new job I always get this idea in my head of how my day will go. I think it’s going to be my dream career that I’m good at right away and then when I’m actually working there and it’s nothing on how I visioned.

When I got engaged I had this idea of what kind of wedding I wanted and even what my dress would look like and now that I’m actually planning it everything is different than I expected.

It’s not a bad thing that my idea and reality are different it just makes life interesting. I’m able to learn a lot about myself during these times. 

I’m trying now to go into something new with no expectations so I don’t get disappointed or become surprised. Easier said than done but I’ll get there.

Are you someone that visions something only to be surprised by the reality of the situation? Let me know in the comments. 


4 thoughts on “Ideas vs. Reality 

  1. Yes! I would say that over the past year I’ve really done a lot of growing though. I have always been one that would expect a lot from myself and others. It can really end up making for many disappointments. Now I try to reign in my thoughts and not put such high expectations on what things “could be” and just have patience to see what WILL be! Does that make sense?

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