How to keep your sanity while working a robot job

You know those wonderful office jobs where you sit at a desk or a cubicle and you’re on the phone and computer all day? The type of job where you do the same thing every day and it doesn’t take a genius to do the tasks. 

I call those jobs the robot life jobs and I learned very early on that I will not be able to handle that kind of life for the next 30 years. 

If you’re currently in a robot job like I am here are some ways to not lose your mind while working;

  1. Make sure to walk away from your desk every hour. I get up, go to the bathroom, walk around the building a couple times, make coffee. Anything to keep me moving. When I sit all day my legs start to kill me and I get very antsy. 
  2. Switch up your tasks. I have an exciting task of copying and pasting data into an excel sheet every day. I work on the excel sheet for a half hour at a time then take a break and work on another task to get my mind working again. 
  3. Talk to a coworker. When I leave my desk and pass a coworker in the hall or if they are sitting at there desk with a glazed stare at the computer screen, I take 5-10 min to just chat with them. It not only helps me if deff helps them and it gives me a break from my mindless tasks.
  4. Sit in my car. This might sound a little crazy but it really helps my mind when I get up and go sit in my car for 10 min. I usually come back to my desk with more energy and focus. I haven’t figured out why but if it works than I continue to do it. 
  5. Go out to lunch. Once a week I make sure to eat lunch away from my desk. It breaks up the day and makes the time go by faster. 

What are some tips you do to not lose your mind at your office job? Let me know in the comments. 


4 thoughts on “How to keep your sanity while working a robot job

  1. I talk out loud to myself about my big life picture, play music and sing along. I really find it very difficult to break into colleagues privacy by way of chatting them up this isn’t helped by the fact that my office is located far away from others in a rather isolated place. Would appreciate if you can help with tips on starting up conversations. ..

    Great post!

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    1. I learned that it’s much easier to start convos with coworkers if you’re in a smaller office setting. It also depends on the type of people that work with you. I’ve been in offices where I didn’t really talk to anyone and then I’ve been in offices where I talk to everyone. It just all depends on who you can relate too and being an introvert doesn’t help me at all. I’m just lucky to be in an small office where everyone’s personality works with each other. I hope that helps a little bit and makes some sense. Maybe I’ll do a future post on some tips I’ve learned on how to start conversations with coworkers. Thanks for the comment!

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  2. Great post, all ideas I’ve done (in a similar form). For IC (above), yes larger companies are harder to get to chat to people. I suggest starting with eye contact and the simple, “how are you, did you have a nice …. (weekend, ending, etc)

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