Why don’t I have a body like Beyoncé yet?  

This is the problem I always have when I start to get on a health kick. I work out, I eat right and 2 weeks into it I’m wondering why the fuck my body doesn’t look like Beyoncé’s yet. 

I see quick results my 1st week because I lose all the water weight and then I get stuck and it tends to make me not motivated to continue this routine. 

I’m impatient when it comes to everything in my life. When I’m building my brand I want over night success, when I’m working out I want to look like a supermodel in 2 weeks, when I’m training my dogs how to go to the bathroom outside I want them to learn it in 5 sec. Even when I’m learning something new I want to be an expert right away. It’s a bad trait to have and I have to stop and realize things take time.

My body isn’t going to be the best it can be overnight. Just like everything else in life you have to put in the work and eventually you will see results. 

I’m just going to continue eating healthy and working out which is really all I can do right now. The results will come with time. 

Are you an impatient person? Let me know in the comments. 


2 thoughts on “Why don’t I have a body like Beyoncé yet?  

  1. I’m impatient, too. That’s why I went Paleo. I saw results every week, and I did it without exercise. Now, 110 lbs lighter, I started exercise to gain some strength, stamina, and maybe even some toning, but the thing that kept me seeing the results consistently through the year I lost all the weight was sticking to my eating plan. I also broke up with the bad foods, much like people break up with bad partners. Those bad foods didn’t treat me right and were hurting me; no need to keep them in my life!

    Another thing to remember: success isn’t just on the scale. On the days I didn’t lose weight I still noticed clothes fitting loosely, belt holes being pulled in, etc. The scale is just one of many measures used to track your progress toward being healthy. Don’t let it be the only measure.

    You can do this! Keep it up, and you will see the results you’re looking for!

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    1. Thanks for the comment and keeping me motivated during this roller coaster of a fitness journey. I have to relax and trust the process. I also have to stay far away from the scale and focus on the way my clothes are fitting and hope for the best!

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