Feeling appreciated goes a long way. 

On this journey to becoming the boss of my life, I’ve had many different types of jobs. Some with small companies, some with big companies. The one thing I noticed that helped me decide if I wanted to stay at these jobs was how they treated there employees. 

I got the most appreciation from the smaller companies and it really went a long way with my mindset towards that job. For example on the 1 month anniversary of starting my newest day job I received a mug with my initial on it and a card that read 

It’s a little tradition that all team members get there own coffee mugs. I know you have your really big coffee mug that you like to drink out of so maybe use this one for pens 😃 Thanks for making this transition so easy!!!” 

It was a small gesture but it really made me feel part of the team and changed the way I looked at the job. This isn’t my dream job (I’m trying to be my own boss one day) and I can’t picture myself here for the next 30 years but it is a place where I can learn and build relationships. 

When I’m my own boss one day I will remember how these little things made me feel and try my best to make sure everyone I work with feels appreciated. 

Do you feel appreciated at your job? Let me know in the comments. 


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