Series Saturday 

Happy Saturday! I decided to add a series Saturday section to my blog because why not?  

I love to read and I love getting into a new TV series just as much as reading so I’ll post some really great book series I’ve read or am currently reading as well as some great shows I’ve found on Netflix and new series that come on that I discover along the way. 

I’m going to start these posts off with a TV show that I’ve been binge watching lately on Netflix and I’ve fallen in love with it. 

Super girl is a great show for so many reasons. It combines my love for superheroes and my love for a strong female character into one show.  Kara Zor El aka Supergirl is an assistant for a media company during the day and a superhero by night for National City. 

Constantly having to prove to pretty everyone she knows that she’s more than just Supermans cousin, she’s dealt with real life challenges in her professional life as well as her social life. 

Supergirl is on a journey to becoming the boss of her life! No wonder I love her so much. She’s trying to figure out who she really is and make the best of it. It’s something I think all females in there 20s can relate to. Plus she’s a badass that can beat up male villains, save lives and still have time in her day to fetch her boss coffee and lunch.  There is a lot of action and occasional humor in the show. 

The first season is on Netflix and season 2 starts October 10. I’m hoping I finish up season 1 in time to watch the 2nd season in a few weeks. 

Have you watched Supergirl yet? What’s a TV series you’re obsessed with right now? Let me know in the comments. 


2 thoughts on “Series Saturday 

  1. I am watching this amine called death parade. It is like on earth whenever 2 people die at the same time, they come to this bar where these 2 people play a game putting their lives on stake, and it is decided which soul will go into void and which soul will get reincarnation or rebirth. I don’t usually watch anime ( I have never watched before ) but I loved the storyline so I watched it. It is only 12 episodes long with 1 episode 20 minutes each. Watch it! You will love it!

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