Make a habit 

I used to be the type that loved to gossip. I was always interested in all the drama going on around me and glad when I wasn’t involved. Sometimes I would get myself involved because I was young and dumb.

As I got older I realized that gossiping about other people’s lives just brings you down. Everyone has there own problems and issues so there’s no reason to pry into someone else’s life. 

There’s always that one person in the office or in the class that always knows all the juicy gossip about everyone. They will tell everyone they know this gossip and really live for it. 

I learned to stay far away from these people. Nothing good comes out of talking bad about someone else and you don’t want to be the person in the office or classroom that is associated with the gossiper of the group. 

People will start to not trust you and it’s hard to build relationships with people when they can’t trust you not to tell the whole world there business. 

Make a habit to stay away from those people and focus your energy on the people that you can have a positive, intelligent conversation with. Those are the people you’ll learn the most from. 


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