Zombies and Wardrobes 

I was never the fashionista type of woman. I’m too antsy for shopping so I rarely go and when I do I just pick out a few simple things. I also never had enough money in my budget for the really fancy type of clothes but I’m not a fancy person so it worked out well. 

My best friend is in love with fashion. She went to school for fashion merchandising and worked for big clothing companies in NYC for many years. 

I rely on her when I go shopping to help style me. 

When I saw this quote online I had to laugh because it’s so true. 

Every day choose your outfit carefully. You may become a zombie and have to wear that shit forever.”

First let me start out by saying I’m a huge fan of anything scifi and love zombie, vampire, superhero movies, books, anything. 

With that being said I do believe it is possible for a zombie apocalypse. With all the tragedies and crazy events going on in the world today I wouldn’t put it past the universe to make that happen. If it does happen I’m ready for it. Bring it on zombies I know how to kill you I watch the walking dead. 

Everyday when I get up to dress myself if I’m tired and just throw on anything, I have to remember that there is a possibility that this will be my forever outfit. Maybe that will help motivate me to have a little sense of style. 

Until then I will rely on my trusted personal stylist who is also my best friend to make sure I don’t leave the house looking like I just rolled out of bed. 

Are you into fashion? Do you believe in the zombie apocalypse? Let me know in the comments. 


4 thoughts on “Zombies and Wardrobes 

  1. OMG! I’m dying, lol! I LOVE that quote! I’m a huge zombie fan, namely “The Walking Dead” series. 😂 My hubby wants to buy buckets of food rations in case of an apocalypse (although he doesn’t believe it will be actual zombies)! I just laugh 😀 Totally love this post!!

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