Operation Healthy

A couple of months ago  I wasn’t eating healthy, drinking alcohol and a lot of it, and doing absolutely no excerise. 

After not taking care of myself for almost 3 months my body had enough. I was having bad stomach pains, I wasn’t sleeping, and I had no energy to do anything. This is when I realized it was time to get back in shape. 

Operation Healthy is what I’m calling it and it has worked. Since my fiancé and I both work during the day and we usually come home and continue to work we never really had time to cook let alone anything healthy. So we started researching healthy ways to eat and we came across a meal prep company called Eat Clean Bro. They deliver fresh and healthy meals to your house and the cost is very affordable. The meals are delicious and I am always full after eating. 

One top of eating clean with the bro we got on a work out routine. I started off easing my way into it by running for a half hour on the treadmill for a couple of weeks. 

After becoming bored of that I purchased T 25 and I fell in love. It’s really a love hate relationship because I curse out Shaun T the trainer on the videos while I’m doing the workouts but afterward I feel so good I love him again. 

This program works out your whole body and it’s challenging which is something I love. It’s only 25 min so you don’t get bored and it gives you time for the rest of the day. 

Since getting on a workout routine and eating healthy my mindset has been positive, I don’t have any more stomach pains and I’m starting to love my body again. I’m confident in the way I look. I don’t obess about how much weight I lost and I stay far away from a scale. I just go by my feelings and right now I haven’t felt any better. 

If you’ve been feeling like shit mentally and physically I would deff get yourself on a workout routine and eat as healthy as you can. You’ll feel a difference in weeks. 

What are some things you do to live a healthy lifestyle? 


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