Always busy and I love it 

I’m trying to take Always the Assistant, Never the Boss brand to the highest I possibly can. My goal is to build an online community that is committed to inspiring as many people as possible to not settle in life and truly make there own decisions that will make them happy and not everyone around them.  I want people to be able to have a space they can go to get inspiration from each other to become the boss of their lives. 

I work a 9-5 right now to pay my bills but my mind is always on this brand. I get home at night and I’m creating content and networking with people the grind doesn’t stop. 

I’m motivated now more than ever because I finally have a clear vision on what my goals are and the vision for this brand. 

I’m always on my phone and I have people around me complain that I’m always doing something on my phone. They don’t get that building a brand takes time, patience and hard work. It really is trial and error. I try something, fail at it and try something else.  I’ve had many different visions about this brand and I’ve rebranded about 100 times so far but the one thing I don’t do is give up. 

Building a brand isn’t easy and it doesn’t happen overnight I have a long way to go but I’m excited for the future and the endless possibilities for this brand. 

This is something I am truly passionate about and I’m determined to make it work. Which might mean I have to scarifice some time with loved ones for a while but eventually I’ll be back. 

The process for now is exciting and I’m hoping by early 2017 everything comes together and I can get out of my comfort zone and start making some videos as well as live streaming some of my content to share some of my stories of my journey to the boss of my life as well as hear some of your stories. The idea of recording videos or live streaming is terrifying to me but also exciting at the same time. Let’s get uncomfortable. 

I’m excited to share with you! 


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