Dealing with opinions

I’ve learned that no matter what you decide in your life there will always be someone with an opinion about your decisions. 

I came across this quote by Robert Downey Jr. and it’s really the best way to deal with opinions. 

“Listen, smile, agree and then do whatever the fuck you want anyway.”

That is the realist statement I’ve heard in a while. 

You can’t change people’s opinions the best thing to do is just listen and do what feels right in your heart and do it. Even if you listened to every opinion you got people would still have something to say. 

So why not just do what makes you happy and agree to disagree with people that have a different opinion? 

I have been practicing this for a while and it’s helped me avoid fights with people. I’m polite while listening but if I don’t agree with the opinions given to me I just do what I want. It’s also made me realize that just because someone gives there opinion to you doesn’t mean you have to follow it. 

How do you deal with opinions? 


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