I do this thing called whatever the fuck I want

I didn’t always make my own decisions based on what truly made me happy. In the past I would do things that other people wanted me to do and that made them happy not me.

I went as far as dating a complete psycho path in high school because everyone else loved him but I didn’t. Who does that?  I was such a pushover back then.

When I started really just doing whatever I wanted and making decisions based on my happiness not others my whole life changed. It also makes life very simple.

If I want to travel then I travel. If I want to not workout and eat a cheeseburger with a pitcher  of beer or 3 then I do it. If I want to quit the job I hate to pursue my dreams then I quit the job. I have a lot more fun this way.

I still get the judgmental comments and asked why I make the decisions I do but I’m confident enough now to respond with “because I want to and I do what I want.”

No more panicking about what other people think or worrying about other people’s lives, just living my life to the best of my ability and doing what makes me happy.

Simple, but very hard to get to that mindset when you are a recovering people pleaser. It didn’t happen overnight and I still find myself sometimes overthinking decisions because I’m afraid of what others will think. But I snap myself out of it and go back to doing me.

If people don’t like my decisions that’s there problem not mine.

I also refrain from telling people every single thing about my life. I used to give too much info to other people and then they felt comfortable enough to tell me what and how I should do it and also tell the whole world my business. They would get mad at me if I wanted to keep something to myself and it started stressing me out.

I keep a lot to myself now and that helps me life a happier life.

The moral of the story is do whatever the fuck you want and keep the details of your life to yourself. Your life will be drama free and happy. Trust me on this.

Do you do whatever you want or do you make decisions based on other people’s opinions?


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