Trust your gut

I’ve been thinking how many times I didn’t trust my gut when I was younger and it amazed me.
There were so many situations that I was in that my instinct was telling me one thing and I would do the complete opposite. 

There were also many times when I did listen to myself and avoided some sticky situations. 
As I got older I learned how to trust my feelings and it really has helped. When I’m on a job interview I automatically know by my feelings if it’s the right fit for me. When I meet someone I know if we are going to get along or not. When I go to a restaurant I know if it’s a place I’ll be going to often or if it’s just a one time place. 

It helps me not waste any time on something that will not work for me. I don’t take the job I have a bad feeling about, I don’t waste time building a relationship with someone that I don’t get a good vibe from, I don’t go back to that restaurant that I had a bad experience at. 

The best decision I’ve made based on my gut is building this brand. Helping to inspire people like me to go on this journey of becoming the boss of your life. It’s something I’m passionate about and hope to help as many people as possible with this journey. 

Having good intuition is a superpower. Trust your feelings and make sure you aren’t wasting time on anything that doesn’t provide you good energy.

Do you trust your gut? 


4 thoughts on “Trust your gut

  1. Yep – so so true! How many times I’ve ‘persevered’ at working in a job when my gut was telling me to ‘get out fast’ – I wasted a lot of time and also learned a lot of lessons along the way!! I’m much better at listening now – phew! Great post and thanks for liking my post. I’m looking forward to reading some more inspiring posts on your site.. x

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    1. I have done the same thing. I wasted a lot of time with companies I knew weren’t the right fit for me but you live and you learn. Thanks for the comment!

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