Don’t ignore the signs 

I pass this sign every morning right before I walk into the office where I work during the day. It’s a job that I don’t take too seriously because I know I won’t be here long term. 

Every morning I make sure to read that sign and it helps my mood. There are days where I really don’t want to sit at a computer all day helping someone else make there dreams come true. Once I see that sign my attitude changes and I’m able to give myself a pep talk and make it through the day. 

It also helps when I’m leaving for the day to look at that sign as it is a reminder to go home and work on making my own dreams a reality. 

You don’t realize how much a simple sign with words of encouragement can help you. 

I’ll continue to make it a part of my daily routine to keep looking at that sign when I go in and out of the office for some extra motivation. 

All I know is they better not take it down. Ever. 


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