Learn something new everyday? Challenge accepted 

You never realize how much you can learn in 24 hours. I’ve been working at an office during the day (the bills aren’t going to pay themselves) while working on my dream career at night. Busy is not even the word to describe it but it’s necessary for now and I can’t complain. Life could always be worse.

While spending time during the day in an office I’ve realized that I learn something new everyday. I think it’s great because it keeps my mind going. 

Since I’m learning something everyday I’ve decided to create a challenge for myself to make sure I’m learning everyday. 

I always feel refreshed and productive when I’m able to learn something from someone or even just on the Internet. It’s always good to exercise your mind and keep your knowledge up to date. I found it helps with conversations to coworkers, family, friends etc. It keeps topics in my head for small talk. 

I started making weekly lists about everything I’ve learned and I will start posting a weekly post on Sundays on some things I’ve learned and maybe you can learn some things with me. 

Feel free to write in the comments any new things you’ve learned for the week and we can learn from each other.

Let the challenge begin….


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