The “I’m sorry” syndrome

I catch myself saying I’m sorry for every mistake or possible mistake I make. I never realized how much I said sorry until I started working my most recent day job. 

I was less than a week on the job and I was making a lot of mistakes. It’s normal for someone new to something to make mistakes but it wasn’t normal the way I kept apoligizing for things I shouldn’t be. It was an automatic reaction to me.

As a woman I’m programmed to automatically apologize for everything. It’s the “I’m sorry” syndrome and I’m getting rid of it. 

Unless I really hurt someone’s feelings or I make a mistake that is so serious that it damages another person I’m not saying I’m sorry. 

I shouldn’t have to apologize for something I can’t control. It’s not my fault I’m new to a job and don’t know everything by the end of week 1. So why the fuck am I apologizing? 

I never ever heard a man that I worked with apologize for something they couldn’t control.  

I have to stop saying sorry, learn from my mistakes, and make the changes to be better.

Do you have the “I’m sorry” syndrome? 


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