Learning how to chill the fuck out

There are days when I really need to take a min and just shut my mind off. I always want to go go go (coffee has a a lot to do with this) until eventually my brain just shuts down and I come down from my coffee high. 

I’m learning how to turn off my thoughts and just live. Living in the moment is really hard when technology makes it so easy to just work all the time. 

One of the ways I’ve fixed my crazy energy is by keeping my phone in my purse. If I’m out to dinner or at the movies, the phone stays in my purse until I get home. Whatever is happening can wait. 

By doing this I feel my mind is able to recharge and I’m actually experiencing life again. Plus it’s really rude to be out with someone and you’re always on your phone. 

I’m also practicing the art of turning my phone on silent after 8pm. This has been really hard to do but I find it helps me sleep at night and I’m also able to catch up on my shows that I love to watch. 

I’m not perfect at this yet I do tend to say ok I’ll put my phone down and then pick it up 10 min later but I’ll get there. 

One day I’ll find a healthy balance and learn how to chill the fuck out. 

Do you have a problem chilling out? 


4 thoughts on “Learning how to chill the fuck out

  1. oh god since i started blogging i have zero chill time – used to be when i was on twitter i was just doing it for myself – now its all about the blog. going away next week and going to try and not do anything blog related, other than writing.

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    1. I’m the same way. I’m working on putting the phone down and backing away slowly to give my myself a break but it’s easier said than done. Enjoy your time away!


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