Just do you

I believe the more haters you have the more successful you are. If you think of any successful person you can name of list of people that have hated that person. If you can’t name a list just go on social media and hashtag that person just to see the comments of people that hate on them.

Joan Rivers is a perfect example of this. She was a strong opinionated woman who spoke her mind. She had no filter and made no apologies for her words. She built a very successful brand off of just being herself and to me she was a badass that I could only look up to. 

She said a lot of very real but sometimes inappropriate things about people but to me I felt like the more she said about someone the more she respected those people. I grew up in New Jersey where everyone is a straight shooter. They tell you what they are thinking no matter how you feel about it. 

Sarcasm is a big thing in the Northeast and I was always one to be able to dish it as well as take it. If someone would get offended by my sarcasm I would always respond like this; 

“I only joke around and mess with people I like to be around. I would never waste my time joking around with someone that I didn’t like. So just know if I start to get sarcastic with you its because I’m comfortable enough to be myself around you. It’s a compliment trust me.”

If I don’t like someone I don’t give them the time of day to say anything to them. I avoid them as much as possible. If I’m taking time to talk to you even if it’s to joke around it’s because I enjoy your company. Does that make any sense to you? 

I think Joan Rivers was the same way. If she was making fun of you it was because she took time out of her day to research your life and make jokes about it. I don’t think she would do that to someone she wasn’t interested. She also was really good at making fun of herself.

I always said to myself if I can judge my success it would be based on if Joan Rivers made fun of me on nationally TV. I would take it as a compliment and laugh. People take life too seriously sometimes. Learn to laugh at yourself. I’m just sad that now I can’t have that privilege because the world lost a awesome woman too soon.

Because in this world everything you say has to be politically correct she had a lot of haters. Through all the hate and crisitism that she got all she did was continue to be herself. She never let anyone or society change her and that’s how everyone should live there life.

Just do you, the world will adjust. 

Do you have haters? 


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