People skills

I’ve had many different kinds of bosses in my life. Some were harder to deal with than others. 

The one kind of leader I can’t stand the most is the one with absolutely no people skills. You know the ones that don’t say good morning to every one when they walk into the office. The ones that when you pass in the office hallway put there head down. The ones that keep there office door closed at all times. 

To all of those kind of bosses, who raised you to be like that? It’s simply bad manners and I don’t know how you expect your employees to respect you if you don’t treat them with the same courtesy. 

When I walk into an office I make sure to say good morning to everyone. Wheather I like the person or not they get a cheerful good morning from me with a smile. If I pass someone in the hallway or I’m standing near the coffee machine and someone walks in I try to make some small talk. It isn’t rocket science so I don’t understand how people don’t know these things.

The bottom line is if you’re a boss and you have a team of people that work hard to make your dreams come true the least you can do is check in on them every now and then. Also would it kill you to say hello when you enter the office? 

Respect is earned, it’s not just given. You want your team to respect you then start acting like someone that deserves that privilege. 

Have you ever had a boss like this? 


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