Don’t you hate when you go someplace and the customer service is horrible? yea me too 

Nothing makes me more mad than going somewhere and receiving bad customer service.  It’s one the biggest pet peeves I have and I just can’t get over it.  What’s even better is when you go to a big store that’s a well known brand and the customer service is bad.  I’m pretty sure your company makes millions of dollars a year so can you invest some of that in training your employees?

I don’t know about you but every time I go to a store I feel like the cashiers just get younger and younger. I swear some of them are 13 years old and lying about their age.  The younger generation is scary.  They really scare me because they have no work ethic and don’t know how to handle any kind of situation. They sit on their cell phones and you walk up to them and have to wait for them to finish their text before they acknowledge you.

I was 16 when I got my first job at JCPenney as a cashier in the men’s department. Out of all the departments I have no idea why they stuck a 16 year old girl in the men’s department but I actually wound up meeting one of my best friends there so I can’t complain.  When I was a cashier I never ever acted like these pretend 16 year olds I deal with now.  Cell phones were kept in the lockers in the break room and if we got caught with them we were written up.  I probably didn’t handle a lot of customer service issues the right way but I learned a lot from it and I knew that I never wanted to work in retail again.

I went to Staples the other day to have a document scanned and emailed to me.  Simple task I’ve gone there many times to have this done and never had a problem.  I was the idiot that went at night when none of the good employees are working so they stick the teenagers on those shifts.  There were 2 boys sitting on their phones watching some kind of video and when I got to the counter they acted like I was an inconvenience. They scan my documents and email them to me but when I got the email there was no attachment.  So I show the boys what comes up in the email and there response was “well I sent it the right way so I guess it’s your phone that isn’t working.” Not a response like “it looks like it went through on my end do you want me to try again maybe a different email?” Then they continued to ring me up and asked for my payment.  So I paid and prayed for these 2 boys that when I got home the email was right on my computer because all hell would break lose if I had to go back there.  It wound up working on my computer (thank you techno gods)

Staples is a well known brand and the company is big, so it pisses me off even more that there employees aren’t trained the right way and there is no leadership in the store. I know these young kids aren’t getting paid a lot and this isn’t there career.  Some of the lessons they learn while doing these odd jobs at a young age will help them in the real world.  They don’t realize it now but dealing with people is something that isn’t going to go away.  Customer service to me is common sense but I have to take a deep breathe sometimes and realize everyone doesn’t have common sense.  This is a lesson I learned at JCP when ringing up customers who would swear the price was lower than what would ring up and the price was usually on clearance for $5.00.  Everyone always wants something for free.

I just hope one day all the service based companies get their shit together and train the employees to be able to handle any kind of customer service issue.

Have you ever went to a store and left angry because of the bad service?




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