The path to inner peace

I never understood the people that stressed out about other people’s problems. I’m not saying you can’t care about someone that’s going through some tough times. I’m talking about the people that literally make someone else’s problems there own problems and it affects their life. 

I have enough of my own problems , I really can’t take on someone else’s problems. If I stressed out about my problems and someone else’s I would not only be miserable, I would probably have an ulcer or a heart attack. 

Learning how to focus on you and fix your own problems is something that will help you be the boss of your life. That doesn’t mean I’m selfish.

If someone is in need and I’m in a position to help them I will be the first person to offer that help in any way I can. What I won’t do is put myself in more of a strain mentally to help other people. Putting yourself first is neccessary or you’ll wind up living a life being miserable and regretful. Everyone has problems and goes through tough times. You know what helped me in my tough times? Learning from my mistakes and making sure I never made them again. I got myself through some shitty situations and realized I’m a tough bitch. 

Putting yourself first in every aspect of your life is really the key to being the boss of your life and finding your inner peace.

Have you found your inner peace? 


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