Sexism in sports is still alive and well

Because we never utter the phrase, “You do that well for a boy.”

About a month ago I had the pleasure of watching 2 kids overnight who’s parents are like family and I had to take the youngest son to his little league game the next day.

He’s 6 years old so little league games at that age can go very slow and aren’t very exciting. I wound up taking a walk around to the other fields and saw some older boys playing and one field had a softball team which I was interested in because I used to play softball so I sat down to watch. Plus I’m all about young girls playing sports.

The first thing I noticed was every girl on the field had to wear this face mask to cover there chin and protect there face. I was so pissed off about this for many reasons.

First of all I walked around to other fields and the boys baseball teams that were around the same age as the girls weren’t required to wear these face masks on the field. It’s 2016 and we are still treating girls like these delicate little flowers while the boys are these tough guys so it’s ok if they get hurt. The boys and girls are playing the same sport, therefore the same rules should apply for all teams.

Second of all I played softball for many years and not one year did I have to wear a ridiculous looking mask on the field to cover my face. If a ground ball took a bad bounce and hit me in the face then I shake it off and continue to play. Girls can be tough too believe it or not.
Now I know that the league is just trying to protect these kids from serious head injuries and I respect that but if the girls have to be protected so should the boys.

Another incident that happened which really drove me crazy was when I was listening to sports radio and the guys on the morning show decided to make fun of a woman reporter who was interviewing an athlete when he said something she laughed and they made a big deal about it. You can tell the athlete was trying to be funny but for some reason these guys felt the need to rip into her because she laughed during an interview. We all know that wouldn’t be a segment on that show if the reporter was male.

We’ve come a long way as far as women’s rights are concerned but we are far from a society where women are respected especially the sports industry and being the feminist that I am it really pisses me the fuck off. Females can report and talk about sports probably better than males can sometimes.

I know a lot about sports mostly football and baseball. I like to watch both sports and can have an educated debate on each team. Since I’m a woman, people automatically assume I have no idea what I’m talking about. You can tell when you watch these games and there’s 2 men and a woman reporter the woman is always afraid to really speak her mind because the men make her feel uncomfortable. It shouldn’t be like that in 2016.

Young girls should be encouraged to play sports if that’s what they are interested in and they shouldn’t be treated any differently than young boys.

Also if a girl is interested in sports whether it’s watching the game or playing they shouldn’t be considered a tom boy. I catch myself saying things like “the inner tom boy in me loves sports” and I need to work on that because it isn’t right if you think about it. Why do I have to justify the reason I like to watch sports? I don’t and neither should any other girl or woman. A girl or a woman that likes sports isn’t a “tom boy” they’re just women or girls who like sports.

I hope in the future we as a society can become more acceptable of women in sports and they get treated the same as the men. I know damn sure if I have a future daughter and she wants to play softball or any sport and they make them wear ridiculous face masks but don’t make boys wear them I will raise hell. I can be feisty little bitch when I believe in something.

Have you noticed the sexism in the sports industry today?


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