The price of education

In todays world it’s impossible for anyone to get a good education.  Prices for college are absolutely insane and you don’t make enough out of college to pay off the debt you acquire in school.

On this journey to becoming the boss of my life I’ve had plenty of time to think about what direction I want to go in my career.   I’ve been all over the place with what I’m passionate about and have explored many different options in different industries and I think that’s the only way to learn what you like and don’t like.  The only problem I’ve had with this is most open jobs require a degree in the field they are hiring for.

Sitting in a classroom isn’t going to help you figure out what you want to do with the rest of your life.  You can go 4 years in college, get a degree, start working in the industry and absolutely hate it and then what?  Go back to school,  put yourself into more of a financial hole without really knowing if this is going to be the right fit in the real world?

I’m in my late 20s and I’ve changed my mind about what I wanted to do with my life about 1 million times since graduating from college. I went to school for Hospitality Management. I thought I wanted to be in the hotel industry forever.  I worked at some hotels while attending school and loved the fact that I never had the same day twice.  By the time I was done with school the hotel industry changed so much that my passion was gone.  There was little room for advancement and the starting pay was low weather you have a degree or not.  Hotels were being bought by independent property management companies that had no idea how to keep there employees happy.  It was a different world and I had to walk away.

I worked in the airline industry and that was hate at first sight.  The only good thing about the airline industry is I got to fly for free but the culture was just not for me.  That industry also has changed a lot since I’ve worked in it.  Now they don’t even offer flight benefits to employees let alone health benefits.

I worked for a yachting recruitment company thinking that was a different part of hospitality and that was too stuffy for me. You worked with a lot of captains from mega yachts and a lot of them act like they have a stick up there ass with no sense of humor.

After exploring many different parts of hospitality and getting extremely frustrated with the jobs I decided to go out of my comfort zone.  I got into the financial services business where I was just an admin for a very small company and loved it at first.  I was eventually doing the same thing every day over and over again and began to feel like a robot.  I had no interest in ever becoming a financial advisor so there really was no room for me to grow. This made me realize that I needed to do some soul searching and really find my dream job.

I’ve bounced around some different jobs that I thought I would be interested in only to find out that you either need a degree in the specific field or some kind of special license that I can’t afford to get right now. I still have student loans I’m paying off so its a lose-lose situation.  It’s like society is forcing me to just get a random office job that pays minimum wage and doesn’t offer any kind of room for growth just so I can pay off bills which would be great but I still wouldn’t have enough to save up for continuing education.

The way that the college prices keep going up, by the time my future children want to go to school only the rich people will be able to go and that’s scary.

How am I supposed to make a living if I can’t afford to get the proper education and/or certification to do a job I want to do?


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