Stop looking at your social media and service your customers 

The expectations for great service are so low for me now that it really is getting out of hand. It seems like everywhere I go all I see are the employees of that company on there phones and I have to wait for them to finally notice me to place an order or buy something.

I walked into my local pizza place the other day and , they were pretty busy for 2:00 on a Tuesday. There were 2 woman standing behind the counter and they were both too busy hating on someone’s Snapchat to notice that I was standing there waiting. When they finally looked up and placed my order they went right back to looking at different social media sites and talking about them. By the time I left I knew everything about this girl that they both hated and by the things they were saying about her I wound up having bad feelings for the poor girl I never met.

I started working way before social media and I’m grateful for that because when it got slow at work and no one was around it forced you to interact and get to know your co workers which I am grateful for.  If my coworkers and I were talking and someone walked into the store or the phone rang we stopped our convo and helped the customers. Instead of gossiping about someone’s snap chat we would just gossip about the office drama but the customers never heard our whole conversations.

Social media is such an amazing thing and I really do love the fact that you can interact with people all over the world but there is a negative side to it.  It can be a distraction especially at work or school and instead of learning how to deal with customer service or a new skill at work or school everyone is too concerned with how many likes and follows they get online.  They spend so much time creating content and watching what other people are doing that they lack the real life experience that can be so valuable when they finally get there dream job.

“Put down the phone for 5 min and live your life.”

I realized I’m not perfect with this either.  I’ve checked my social media sites at least 5 times since starting to write this blog post.  When I’m waiting at a store or restaurant my first reaction is to look at my phone.  It really is an addiction and it scares the shit out of me.  What I have done to help manage this addiction is by turning off my notifications. I would be in the middle of doing something that needs my undivided attention and out of the corner of my eye I would see a notification about a follow or like on my Instagram or Twitter and I would spend the next 10 min checking my sites.  Now that my notifications are off I only check my sites 2 or 3 times a day and I don’t have the shiny ball syndrome where every time I see that banner for a notification I lose focus.

Simple things like this help but I have a long way to go before I don’t rely on social media to get me through the slow days.

Do you notice the change of customer service  you go somewhere because of social media?  Do you have a problem of checking your personal sites every 5 min?  Let me know in the comments.



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