Want vs. need

As you get older you start to realize the difference between what you want and what you need. When I was younger I would spend my money on things I wanted but didn’t need.

Necessities change as you start to grow up and now the most important thing to me is making sure my bills are paid and I save enough money to buy a house. It doesn’t have to be a huge mansion. A nice little house with a backyard for my dogs would be fine. I’m a simple woman. 

Because I am so focused on buying a house I learned how to scarifice spending money on things I would love to have but don’t need at this time.

Clothes, shoes, purses are all things I have cut back on. I have enough clothes to get me through the days and my shoe and purse collection got so out of hand that I need a separate room to store them in. Beauty upkeep is another thing I have cut back on. No more getting my nails done every 2-3 weeks or getting my hair done every 5-6 weeks. That shit adds up and I could be using that money to save for my own house.

I didn’t always have this mindset. I figured I work hard so I should be able to buy whatever I want. But then I had a reality check and realized that I’m in my late twenties and need to move out from my family’s house and get my own place. 

It’s not easy going from living on my own for 5 years and going back to live with family. It’s taught me a lot and I will work 11 jobs if I have to just to be able to never put myself in that position again.

For now it’s all about spending money on things I need and not things I want. Even if I have to say no to that really cute pink and white bag I saw on JustFab and would look so cute with a summer outfit I have. Eye on the prize that pink bag can wait.

Are you the type of person that spends more on what you want or what you need? 


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