The power of positive thinking

My father plays this game when he goes shopping and he’s in the parking lot. He calls it the Power of Positive Parking. It’s basically a mind game to only think that you are going to get a good parking spot and then you wind up getting one. If he doesn’t think positively he winds up parking in the back.

This is how we should all start thinking for our everyday lives. If I wake up and I have a bad mindset I’m not going to have a good day. When I wake up with positive thoughts, my day isn’t that bad.

Most mornings I have to give myself a pep talk. Something along the lines of hello you’re doing great love you bye. It sounds crazy but it does help me have a more positive outlook.

Try starting your day with positive thoughts and see how much more productive and happy you will be. It worked for me. Our minds are powerful things. Let’s start using them for good.

Do you have a routine in the morning to help you have a better day? 


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