Crazy Ideas > No Ideas 

My mind doesn’t stop. This is probably why I can’t sleep at night. I think of the craziest ideas in my head and sometimes I scare myself with how insane my mind can get. I’m always trying to think of the next big idea. I’m just trying to be the female version of Steve Jobs is that too much to ask for? 

Everytime I go to the store or I’m driving, I’m always thinking and most of my ideas are good ones, some of them are bad ones. I like to be creative and I always want to make people’s lives easier including myself. I share my ideas with my fiancé all the time and sometimes he’s like that’s a really good idea but most of the time he looks at me like I’m insane. 

I would rather be a person that’s thinking of ideas even if they are crazy than someone that doesn’t think of any ideas. 

My life would be so boring if I didn’t use my mind to create something. 

In 2016 with all the knowledge literally at your fingertips it’s crazy to me how some people just want to live a life they settled for.

Go out and think of some crazy ideas you never know one of those crazy ideas might be able to change the world one day. 


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