Unplugging from technology is good for the soul

I’ve been practicing the act of unplugging and living in the moment and it has been liberating.  I realized I had a serious problem of going out and constantly checking my phone or trying to document the moment and missing the part of actually living in the moment.

I was at a family party a few months back and there was dancing, food, and drinking and I didn’t know a lot of people so I stuck to the people I did know and really didn’t take out my phone for most of the night.  I had real meaningful conversations with people that I haven’t done in a very long time and I wasn’t concerned about my social media sites or checking my email.  I wound up eating really good food without taking a picture of it to post on Instagram, drank some wine, danced to some really good oldies music and wound up having a great time.

“I miss my pre internet brain.”

After that night I decided that every night we go out needs to be an unplugged night.  A few weeks later we wound up going to a Mets game and stuck to my no technology rule however my fiancé didn’t stick to the rule. He was so busy taking pictures of every sign that someone was holding up and every play that was going on that he missed half the game and didn’t even realize it.

I was present and I like to be.  It’s so easy now a days to get caught up in the tech world that you miss actually living your life and that isn’t going to help you become the boss of your life.  It’s a very stressful life when you have to worry about taking pictures of everything all the time to prove to people you don’t even know that you have a life.

When I was living in that world of constantly updating my social media to get likes and followers I was reverting back to being the assistant of my life.  I worried what other people thought of me and just wanted to impress them by posting way too much about myself.

I haven’t perfected the unplugging stage yet.  I want to eventually be able to stop checking all of my devices by 8 PM every night in order to be present and have an actual conversation with family and friends that I spend time with.  For now it’s a huge step in the right direction to unplug during events and family parties and it’s really good for my mental health and soul.

Do you have trouble unplugging and living in the moment?




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