Becoming confident about your vision

I started this blog a while ago but just recently I’ve been consistent with my writing.  When I first came up with this concept, I was sitting in my 9-5 robot job that I had no interest in. I was bored and everyone was at this sales conference so I was the only one in the office and I thought to myself that there is so much more to my life than this.

I was frustrated with the idea that I was going to turn out like my other family members who just settled in life and are now miserable.  So I got to work and came up with this blog, which gave me something to be excited about everyday.  The only problem was I didn’t tell anyone about it.  I was afraid to tell my friends and family thinking that they would be so negative that I would eventually talk myself out of it and just go back to settling.

“Confidence is believing in yourself when no one else does”

Since I didn’t see automatic success right away and my vision wasn’t completely clear on where I wanted to take this site, I kind of gave up on the idea and tried other ventures that failed because I wasn’t passionate enough about them.

After taking some time off from blogging and actually living my life, I realized I wanted to give my vision another try.  I rebranded the whole site and changed my social media strategy and now I am confident about the direction I want to take this brand.

Once I got that extra motivation and started to see improvements, I was confident enough to tell people about my blog. To my surprise, I got a lot of great feedback about it. Since I am passionate about the vision and believe in it even the negative feedback doesn’t bother me anymore. Now I make it a goal to write one post a day and edit at the end of the week. This keeps me ahead of the game as I only post weekly for right now so I can schedule in advance. The rest of the time I spend trying to market the shit out of the new blog post I wrote and gain traffic to my blog, which is a lot harder than writing the content.

If you’re someone that has a vision or an idea that you truly believe in, their are going to be people that will be negative about it.  Stick with your idea, be consistent and prove them wrong by making your dreams come true.  It’s ok not to tell people about your idea right away. Make sure your vision is clear to you so you can explain it to others and that will make you more confident with your idea.

Do you have a vision about your future and are too afraid to tell other people?


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