Finding your creative space

I have to admit that it takes me some time to get motivated and some days I just can’t talk myself into doing anything.  There are times when I am so inspired by my creativity that I can spend days just writing, planning, and implementing my ideas.  Then there are the days when I just want to be lazy and can’t get my mind to focus for the life of me.  I found the best thing to do when I am in either of these moods is to go to my creative space.

I love the library because it is quiet but not to quiet and it gets me out of the house.  There are plenty of spaces to work in the library where I can settle in with my laptop and just write until I can’t think anymore.  This is where I am the most productive with my ideas so I try to get the library everyday.

I also find that when I am driving that is my time to think.  I think about everything in the car from planning my day to new blog topics to write about.   I think the fact that my car radio doesn’t work helps also so it forces me to think because if not it is silent.  I also have become a very good singer in the car because of this radio issue.

Finding a space for you to just think and implement your ideas is important. It has to be a space where you can be completely focused and not bothered by distractions.  Your creative space can be a local coffee shop, park, restaurant, hotel lobby if your lucky and can pick up the free wifi, home office, your bed, anywhere.

I found my creative space by chance.  I had just gotten let go of my last corporate job and I didn’t want to go straight home so I drove around and found the local library.  I went in and picked up a book and was so focused on the book that when I stop reading it was hours later and my day was pretty much done.  I started going to the library everyday after that taking full advantage of the free wifi, and tried to figure out what I wanted to do with the rest of my life.

Since the library I like is about 20 min away from my house, the time I spent driving there gave me time to think out loud about my day.  I would plan out my goals to achieve for the day as well as some weekly goals.  Once I am at the library I am motivated and focused on my goals that the day flies by and I feel good because I had a productive day.  I stopped going for a while and found myself overthinking and getting a negative mindset that I made it a point to make sure I go, if not for the whole day at least for a couple hours a day to make sure my mind stays sane.

Do you have a creative space that helps you get all your work done?



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