I disappear into books. What’s your super power? 

I have always been a huge fan of reading. I was the girl at school that didn’t cringe when I had to read a book and write about it. I loved reading all types of books but I always obessed over any type of science fiction book. Superheroes were my favorite but I also loved a good book about vampires or zombies. In my teenage years with my hormones at an all time high, I enjoyed a good romantic story.

who’s your favorite female superhero?

Now that I am older I read all different types of books and I get frustrated. All the books are well written and keep me on the edge of my seat with the storylines. My problem is all the books in one way or other portray the female main characters as these damsels in distress just waiting for a man to come and save her. Since we aren’t in the 1920s anymore I was hoping to read more stories about strong independent female characters that go through the struggles of life and are able to bounce back stronger than ever without a man.

 Why do you write strong female characters? Because you’re still asking me that question. -Joss Whedon

So I got to work and I am in the process of writing a book with a strong female character. If I have a daughter in the future I want her to be able to read books that inspire her to be a hardworking, independent woman who can save herself.

Stay tuned.

Happiest when reading…or writing.


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