Will you be happy for me or try and talk me out of it? 

You finally have this idea and vision for a brand you want to build. You get really excited and can’t stop thinking about it.

The first thing that comes into your head is “I can’t wait to tell my family and friends.” Doubt starts to take over your mind.  You start questioning whether you should tell your loved ones. Questions like “what if they don’t like the idea?”  “what if they love the idea?”  “How am I going to explain my vision so they see the potential that I see?” fill your head.

You have to try to figure out who is going to be happy for you and who is going to try to talk you  out of it. 

When I first went on this journey to becoming my own boss I had many different ideas for businesses. I would tell everyone about my ideas and they would talk me out of it. It held me back from implementing my ideas and forced me to stay stuck in a life I hated. 

I realized that people weren’t going to understand my vision so I had to keep my ideas to myself. Instead of telling everyone my ideas I will show them. I started just going for it and implementing my ideas and once they saw it was something that could work they were the supporting people I needed them to be in the beginning. 

Sometimes you just have to keep your vision to yourself and be your own support system. You have to motivate yourself and it’s not easy. 

If you really believe in something and you work hard to implement your vision people will finally start to get it. Block out the noise and don’t let them tell you it’s a bad idea. It doesn’t happen over night and I still haven’t told everyone about my vision and my journey to becoming a boss. I chose to show them how my vision is a success once it starts to kick off. 

Besides I LOVE proving people wrong and what better way to do that by becoming the boss of my life. 

Did you ever tell people your goals and dreams just to have them talk you out of it? Do you have people in your life that are happy about your life decisions? Let me know in the comments. 



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