Motivation in a job you hate 


How do you stay motivated in a job that you aren’t interested in?

You wake up everyday to the alarm ringing and get up and the first thing you do is count the days until the weekend. You start giving yourself a pep talk. “Ok today is Tuesday if I make it through today I only have 3 more days.”

Once you get to work you start counting the hours until you go home. Pep talks come in again. “2 more hours until lunch then I am half way done with the day and I only have 3 more hours until I leave, I can do this!”

I am speaking from personal experience here and I refuse to put myself in a position like that again.

Here are the different things I did to try to stay motivated;

  1. I tried to load up on coffee. Since I am addicted to coffee I thought this would work well. I would drink 2 cups before I even got into the office. I drank a cup right before lunch and 1 more in the mid afternoon. I thought if I could keep the coffee buzz it would motivate me to be more productive. It only caused me to take a lot of bathroom breaks and I would crash very quickly.
  2. Next I tried hiding my cell phone and staying off of any non work related websites such as social media and In 2015 technology has really taken over everyone’s world and can easily become a distraction. I tend to find myself either stalking someone on Instagram or looking up cute outfits and motivational quotes on Pinterest for most of the day when I get bored. I believe that throughout the day you need a break from work. I don’t believe you should sit on your phone half the day and not get any work done. Even if you are not interested in the job someone is paying you to work. So I hid my phone in a drawer that I kept my snacks in my desk and tried to focus on only work related projects. This technique only made me eat more snacks from my snack drawer because it gave me a reason to look at my phone.
  3. The last thing I tried was doing all the work I didn’t necessarily care for in the morning when I had a good coffee buzz. I figured if I can get the work I don’t want to do out of the way by the time the coffee weared off in the afternoon I could stay motivated and awake by doing projects I enjoyed doing. This worked for a couple of days and then I started procrastinating and spending most of my mornings not focused.

In the end none of these techniques worked and I was never able to stay motivated at a job that I didn’t like. However, it did motivate me to look for better opportunities and helped me realize that life is too short to hate what you do for a living.

What are some ways that have helped you stay motivated at a job you aren’t interested in?


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