I have a love/hate relationship with running 


Everyday I have to talk myself into running. I give myself the usual pep talk “you can do this, just get it over with for today.”

The hardest part is starting but I give myself a goal. I either want to run a certain amount of miles or I give myself a time frame.

Once I start I’m focused on acheiving my goal for the day. I blast my music and get into the zone. Towards the end of my goal I have to motivate myself to keep going. I push myself and never stop before my goal is achieved.

Once I finish I feel like I am going to die. I’m sweating and breathing heavy but I feel good. I feel good because I achieved my daily goal and my body feels better than it did the day before. I get stronger everyday and I have a lot more energy.

I hate to run but love how I feel after I do it.
I started applying the same techniques for all of my life goals and it seems to be working so far.

Do you have a love/relationship with exercising? What techniques do you use to keep yourself motivated?



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