5 things I like to do when spending time alone.

I don’t care who you are, what you do for a living, or where you are from everyone needs a little me time to stay sane.

Being an introvert, I might enjoy my time for myself a little more than others but it is important for everyone to do.

Here are some things I like to do when I spend time with myself;

1. Workout- I don’t make as much time as I should on working out so when I get some time to myself I force myself to do some kind of workout. Even if I’m not in the mood I make sure to do it anyway.

2. Netflix and chill- I try to catch up on shows that I have missed out on because I’m so busy. Netflix and Hulu are the greatest inventions especially for binge watchers like me.

3. Maintenance- If I have some extra cash I like to go get my hair, nails, and eyebrows done. It gives me more confidence but can also be timely in my daily life.

4.  Read- I like to find a good book and read. It gets my mind off of life for a while and makes me focus on one thing. I have always been a bookworm. 

5. Cook- I don’t know why but cooking relaxs me. I like researching recipes and going to get fresh ingredients and cooking a nice homemade meal for my family.

It doesn’t matter how you chose to spend your time but I find that spending time with myself relaxs me. It also gives me a chance to re energize and focus on new things.

How do you spend your time alone?


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