Business plans are boring but necessary  



Call me old fashion but I like to write everything down with pen and paper. I have a small notebook that I keep all my ideas and goals in and update it daily. I found that when I write things done I am more likely to get things done. My mind can be all over the place so I use the notebook to keep everything organized and it keeps me sane. 

When I first started thinking of the business I wanted to build, I had a concept and I would speak about it out loud but it was hard for me to put it in writing. I realized the best way for me to make my concept clear to everyone was to write a business plan. 

Pinterest and Google are my go to sources when I need to research something. I found a business plan article on Pinterest and was able to get an idea of where to start and how to outline the plan. 

The hardest part for me was coming up with a mission statement. A mission statement is a summary of the aims and value of your company. It should be short and sweet. I would either write something that made no sense at all or something as long as a novel. I started looking at other major companies to see what they came up with to get an idea. Coca Cola had a great one “to refresh the world.” I needed something that was a simple and clear sentence that explained my vision. 

When I found myself overthinking and getting frustrated I decided to take a step back and let it come to me naturally, like every thing else. 

While writing my business plan, it was hard for me to stay focused. I’m not a paperwork person, I just like to create things. I started looking at the business plan as an extension of my creative idea. I stopped thinking of it as paperwork like the work I would do in my 9-5 jobs. This was paperwork that helped me create a vision for my concept and it wasn’t boring once I changed my way of thinking.

My business plan is still a work in progress but now that I have a visual for the vision and values of my company I feel a lot better. It always helps me see how far I can take the vision in the future. 

Have you ever written a business plan? Let me know in the comments. 



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