Good for Her! Not For Me. 

“That is the motto women should constantly repeat over and over again. Good For Her! Not For Me.”- Amy Poehler

When I read Amy Poehlers book Yes Please! It really opened my eyes to how much we as women judge each other. I am guilty of judging  other women because they have different dreams or live a different lifestyle than I do.
I have a cousin who is 2 years older and she grew up just wanting to be a wife and a mother. She started working as a waitress when she was 16 years old and kept that profession until she found her a husband and got married in her mid twenties. They only dated for a year before they got hitched and they got pregnant 6 months after the wedding. I thought she was going to be like the Duggar family and have at least 20 kids but she just had her second kid and she says she’s done.  

When we were growing up we never were that close because I couldn’t relate to her housewife ambitions. I couldn’t see myself just being a waitress until I found a husband to take care of me and start a family. I always judged my cousin because I thought she was settling and taking the easy way out. 

“You are striving to be a bride, I am striving to be a boss.”

We live in different states now so I went to visit her recently and got to see a different perspective on her life. She’s a great mom and her kids are adorable, however being a stay at home mom is hard work. Kids are not easy to be around all day and I can tell it gets draining. She may not go to an office everyday and collect a paycheck but she is doing what she loves and I am happy for her. 

Let me make this clear, there is nothing wrong with being a waitress or a housewife if that is what your true passion is and it gives your life a purpose.  

Whenever I meet someone and they have different goals in life, instead of judging them I take a deep breath and say “Good for her! Not for me.” 

My cousin and I are closer now and she supports my journey to becoming a boss and I support her journey into motherhood. I hope one day all women could be a positive support with each other. 

Have you ever judged another person because they had different dreams or a different lifestyle than you? Let me know in the comments.



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